Real Awake offers fun weekends for Conscious people

The next Real Awake Weekend is ✨ 29th March 2024 ✨ Cardiff ✨ 25 people 

A group of 25 people, will spend a magical weekend at a rural off-grid retreat, near Cardiff. This is the 6th Real Awake Weekend.

We'll spend our time relaxing, doing workshops, ceremonies, eating, dancing, sitting in the Hot Tub, making friends for life, and having lots of fun.

It's half retreat, half social.

It's an opportunity for Adults to focus on themselves, it's not open to children

As always, expect

• Awake / Conscious people

• Fire Pit / Hot Tub

• Ceremonies / Circles

• Medicine Music / DJ

• Games / Workshops

• Food / Walks

The key features are:

• An equal mix of Men & Women

• Age range 20-50

• No children

• No Dogs

• Sober

The reason the price is affordable is because we all get involved and contribute skills, activities, workshops, music.

The participants are the facilitators, the facilitators are the participants. We co-create the experience together.

There are no volunteer / crew / exchange places. We all share the cost. This creates a unified atmosphere, everybody is there as an equal group of friends. 


During lockdown, Real Awake started as parties for un••••inated people.

Since then, the focus has shifted away from activism, towards positivity, community, healing, and creating the world we want.

We welcome people who carry good vibes, who don't take themselves too seriously, and aren't going to lecture others about politics. 

The Real Awake Community are spiritual people who want to have a fun time, do activities, let their hair down, and chill with other good people. 

The weekend contains a lot of variety and balance. A mix of food, music, socialising, ceremony, talks, and retreat style activities.

There's a strong sense of family and teamwork. Everybody brings different skills and talents to the weekend. 

Memories, friendships and bonds are made. 

Application Form

The next event will be 29th March to 1st April 2024. near Cardiff.

Please register your interest, and speak to Ben as soon as you can

It's a Google form. If you have arrived here from facebook, it might ask you to log in to Google. Open this link in your web browser instead, where you will probably already be logged in. 


Here is an example of the last event

The values are

• Balance

• Being Yourself

• Bonding

• Celebration

• Clarity

• Community

• Compassion

• Connecting

• Creative Self Expression

• Dancing

• Emotional Healing

• Enjoyment

• Fun

• Honesty

• Humility

• Humour

• Listening + Being Heard

• Medicine

• Personal Growth

• Progressing

• Relaxing

• Respect

• Spirituality

• Thriving

• Variety


Real Awake ticket prices are kept to a bare minimum, and have been as low as £125 in the past.

Most retreats charge significantly more, but Real Awake aims to just cover costs.

Super Early Bird - £190

• Full Payment

• Ends 16 Dec

Early Bird - £200

• Full Payment

• Ends 25 Dec

General Admission - £210

• Full Payment

Payment Plan - £210

• (3 X £70)

• 1st Payment on booking

• 2nd Payment 15th Jan

• 3rd Payment 15th March

• Accommodation is included

• Lunch + Evening Meals are included

• Bring your own snacks, drinks, teas, coffees, treats / deserts, breakfast ingredients.