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Weekend in the Woods * 15th-17th July Hertfordshire

If you would like to attend. Please express your interest on the form below.

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On 15th-17th July 2022, a group of 20-30 people, will spend a very special weekend, relaxing, making friends, and participating in workshops & activities. near Knebworth in Hertfordshire.

It's half retreat, half social.

The values are

• Being Yourself

• Bonding

• Care + Compassion

• Clarity

• Community

• Connecting

• Creative Self Expression

• Dancing

• Emotional Healing

• Enjoyment

• Honesty

• Humility

• Laughing

• Listening + Being Heard

• Personal Growth

• Progressing

• Relaxing

• Respect

• Shamanism

• Spirituality

• Thriving

• Variety

The first event was in March 2022, and it was a roaring success. The video can be seen here

Cost: £125

• All food and camping included

• Everybody pays, nobody is paid for doing anything, people are there because they want to be there, we contribute skills / activities / workshops.

• £50 deposit to confirm your place

• £75 Remainder 2 weeks prior to the event (July 3rd)

It's an opportunity for Adults to focus on themselves, it's not open to children

• 20 to 30 people max

• Age ranges from 20s to 40s.

• Equal Mix of Men / Women

• Fire Pit / Hot Tub / Sauna

• Cacao Ceremony / Sound Bath

• Acoustic Music / DJ

• Talks / Games

• Food / Walks

• Camping

During the height of lockdown, the original concept was born out of a desire for unvaccinated "awake" people to meet each other, in a world where we were being asked to stay socially separated. This manifested as "Party at the Plaza". (Parties at Ben's house - Pentre Plaza)

The concept has now evolved, the focus has shifted away from politics, and is now more on positivity, on creating the connections and community we want, as apposed to fighting what we don't want.

We welcome people who don't take themselves too seriously. We welcome people who carry good vibes, and aren't going to lecture others, regardless of their vaccine status.

The Real Awake Community is now spiritual people who want to have a fun time, do activities, let their hair down, and chill with other good people.

The weekend contains a lot of variety and a lot of balance. A mix of food, music, socialising, ceremony, talks, and retreat style activities.

There's a strong sense of family, friendship, and teamwork. Everybody brings different skills and talents to the weekend. Memories, friendships and bonds are made.


Booking Details

Magical Weekend in the Woods

A Social Weekend, for Awake Conscious People

15th-17th July 2022

Knebworth, Hertfordshire


========== DIRECTIONS ==========


If you're travelling by train, the woods are in a rural area, equidistant between 3 train stations.

- Watton-at-Stone Rail Station

- Welwyn North Railway Station (Stop B)

- Knebworth Railway Station (Stop B)

If you're traveling by car, the exact Address and Google Pin Location will be sent to the participants, in the week leading up to the event. However, it's very close to Woolmer Green, SG3.


======= BOOKING PROCESS =======


1) Please fill out the form

You can express dietary preferences, travel preferences, and also your skills and interests. This helps me organise the event.

There is also a disclaimer about video.

2) Make sure you've spoken to Ben to confirm your place.

3) Pay the deposit (details below)


========== PAYMENT ==========


Total £125 (food included)

£50 deposit (as soon as you can please)

£75 final payment at the start of July

Benjamin Lowrey

Starling Bank (Business account)



(Please use your name as the reference)


========== TIMES DATES ==========


Official Opening Circle: 4pm Friday 15th July

Official Closing Circle: 4pm Sunday 17th July.

You're welcome to arrive before 4pm if you wish to set up your tent and chill before the opening circle.




Please bring a tent to sleep in. There will also be

- a large marquee (which you are welcome to sleep in), and

- a large bell tent (which can sleep 6),

The Bell Tent could be assigned as a quite / chill space / social space. However you can also sleep in it if you wish to. If privacy is important to you then your own tent might be a better choice.

There is ample room for 30 people to spread out and camp very comfortably.


========= PLEASE NOTE ==========


- No dogs

- No children, we're creating an environment for adults to focus on themselves, to relax and talk freely without distractions

- Music volume needs to be reduced at 11pm.

- Alcohol can be consumed, but there will be no need to drink excessively


======= CONTACT DETAILS =======


Ben Lowrey





Here is the facebook event

Facebook Page

Here are videos you can send people.

Ask them to contact Ben. It's invite only, I speak to everybody who attends to make sure the event and the person is right for each other.

It's a Social & Spiritual Event, for people who are old enough to be wise, and young enough to be fun.

Video from the March Event

Ben's presentation about the July Event

Tour of the Woods


======== VIDEO DISCLAIMER =======


The events are filmed for marketing purposes, to capture the atmosphere and excitement of the weekend.

The videos help inspire others, show what's possible, spread the message, and grow the community.

A big reason why people choose to attend one event, is because they saw photo or video from a previous event.

Effective social media marketing also helps sell tickets, and reduce marketing efforts and costs, which allows ticket prices to be kept to a minimum.

Huge time and effort and energy goes into filming and editing. So it can be a great inconvenience if one person decides they don't wish to appear in the videos.

It's therefore necessary to make it clear, people should only attend Real Awake Events if they understand cameras will be present. By attending the event, participants waive rights in the media.

Photo and Video will always be taken carefully, considerately, respectfully, mindfully, and nothing inappropriate will be uploaded. Any concerns or requests can be voiced.

You should only attend the event if you're comfortable with this.

Meet the gang