Awake Definition

"Awake" is hard to define perfectly, so I'll tell you what it means to me.

Awake was always a loose term to describe

  • Spiritually Conscious People

  • People aware of government conspiracies, and a globalist agenda

During the lockdown this got heavily amplified, and the term "Awake" became adopted by the people who

  • Were skeptical of the official Covid-19 narrative

  • Were skeptical of vaccine safety

  • Were skeptical of the globalist agenda, and propaganda

  • In many cases this overlapped with a Pro-Trump and Q-Anon outlook, where Trump was seen as fighting the globalists

  • There was also a growing awareness of child abuse scandals which seemed to be a consistent theme amongst the global elite

  • Interests in off-grid living, alternative health, spirituality are common amongst awake people

Facebook quickly started shutting down and censoring any groups who questioned the official narrative, under the guise of "Fact checking".

Awakened people started to flock to telegram groups, and started organising grass roots events, so they could meet, network, build community, share ideas, and speak freely.

Awakened dating websites, business directories, travel directories, camping events, and festivals, started to pop-up and flourish.

As the lockdowns lifted, and the Trump / Biden election passed, and people became fatigued with talking about vaccines, the political intensity of the Awake / Freedom Rally period started to cool off.

At this point I started to turn my attention inwards, with a desire to create what is wanted, rather than fighting what is not wanted. I began hosting parties for my "Awake" friends to come together and have fun, to encourage good vibes and positivity.

I began to experiment with Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, and Plant Medicine in general. I started to focus inward on the emotional healing which was needed for myself personally, and for society generally.

I decided the task is to create what is wanted, and bring good people together.

Real Awake is based on the idea that if we come together as spiritual seekers, so we can relax, socialise, be ourselves, then good things will come from it.

It's not a place for people to lecture others about flat earth or common law.

It is a place to be kind to each other, accept each other, and feel safe to open up and heal.

Real Awake leans more toward spiritual healing, community, connection, creation, and celebration.